About Us

Super Health Center is worldwide distributor of sports nutrition, healthcare, organics, food & beverage and beauty products.

The seed of Super Health Center was planted nearly 20 years ago. Since that time Super Health Center’s roots have grown strong in the United States, flourishing internationally just a few short years later. Since then, SHC has become rooted in both domestic and foreign markets, forging relationships and joining forces with some of the most powerful and influential people in the market.

In turn, SHC has cultivated a networked vine of powerful partnerships. SHC thrived on dedication, ingenuity and commitment to gain what it has over the years. With its growth, SHC has also grown a genuine appreciation for the same drive and dedication of our Brand partners. SHC wants to help nourish new brands and new ideas so they can grow internationally.

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International Distributor of Brands Who Believe

We want to share brands with the world who thrive on ingenuity, innovation and good old fashioned unwavering belief.  We want to share what we’ve achieved with you, so your brand can grow faster and face fewer barriers.

SHC Services Include: