At IdealShape our passion is to transform and improve lives! Our goal is to be the simplest and easiest weight loss solution in order to help one million people achieve their ideal shape. Along the way we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people lose weight and change their lives.

With the help of IdealPlan — our complete weight loss plan — customers learn how to incorporate meal replacement shakes, healthy snack bars, and weight loss drinks into their lives in order create a lifestyle change. Our products are not meant to simply achieve temporary success. We’re here to help people keep the weight off and change their lives for good! We make that possible by providing our customers with the social support and expert advice they need to maximize their results.

Our delicious, and hunger-blocking weight loss products are high-quality, affordable, and, most of all, EFFECTIVE! Customers love our products because they work. They also know that they’ll be taken care of just like family because here at IdealShape, we are a family.

IdealShape Company Values
At IdealShape our unique company culture is what makes it so fun and fulfilling to come to work each and every day. As we continue to grow, we are determined to maintain this special environment. Our seven company values are a representation of who we are as a company and who we want to be.

Each day every manager and employee does their best to embody and practice these values. Company trips, an open office layout, and pickleball break time are just part of who we are. Everything we do is represented in one of these seven values.

Work Hard, Play Hard
Learn, Teach, Innovate

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Showing all 15 results