Performix STIMFREE Thermogenic Weight Loss


stimfree thermogenic weight loss

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Performix STIMFREE Thermogenic Weight Loss


PERFORMIX™ STIMFREE is a revolutionary weight loss activator with clinically proven key ingredients.^ This advanced ingredient formulation includes three patented ingredients — Capsimax®, GreenSelect® Phytosome® and Zychrome® — all in dosages shown to be effective in preliminary clinical research. Using TERRA Intelligent Dosing™ technology, an innovative Multi-Coating Matrix (MCM), combined with a pH-phased, delayed release functionality, PERFORMIX™ STIMFREE delivers premium ingredients via multiple targeted release points to help offer a sustained release profile along with improved delivery.†


Award-winning Capsimax® induces thermogenesis with natural capsicum fruit extract. Clinical studies have shown a dosage of 100 mg per day helps support healthy metabolism, manage appetite and support fat breakdown. †


Greenselect® Phytosome®, a caffeine-free proprietary extract made from green tea leaves, has been shown to support weight loss at a dose of 300mg per day.1*


Supports insulin function. Studies suggest Zychrome® is twice as effective as as chromium picolinate in supporting insulin function.†^

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stimfree thermogenic weight loss