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Distribution Challenges Your Business Should Know About

Distribution Challenges Your Business Should Know About

Its no secret that our expectations of distributors fall short of pulling rabbits out of hats. Distributors can be the Miracle Gro your firm needs to scale or they can be the weeds that slowly choke the life you’re your future goals.

That’s why we’ve made it clear that vetting and selecting distributors should be done with the utmost care.

In order to make the best selection, understanding what challenges distributors face can help.

Challenges Distributors Face #1: Information Access

Distributors will always have more information about your product’s path than you will because they get it first! They are you information gatekeepers. As such, they have to ensure their resources provide easy access to information you want when you want it. The information they provide will help you make informed and strategic decisions based on facts.

Challenges Distributors Face #2: Coordinate & Collaborate

Distributors are the communication bridge between you and your direct and indirect channels. As such, they have to connect you, your technology and everyone else’s together in some translatable fashion. Their ability to integrate THEIR data with everyone else’s available systems is key to successfully facilitating communication and technology between parties that lead to coordinated collaboration. In order to collaborate within businesses, it’s important that members of staff all have access to the documents that they need. By using the SharePoint migration services from Bamboo Solutions, more businesses should be able to allow collaboration on Office365 documents. This ensures that all people can access whatever files they need to complete their work.

Challenges Distributors Face #3: Inventory Data

Inventory is the nucleus of distribution decisions. Real time access can help them in making purchasing, sales, marketing and contract decisions that can ultimately benefit your bottom line. Having a distributor who is equipped with real-time data software such as this Stream processing powered by Apache Flink – Ververica can offer for example, can help you grow faster due to never having any inventory issues thanks to having always-up-to-date data on your particular stock levels.

There you have it, the top three challenges distributors face in staying on top of a super saturated market. So, how does that help you? It helps you select the ones whose challenges aren’t insurmountable mountains. If they have the data, technology and visibility challenges reined in, you might have yourself a perfect match for your growing company.

Ready to put your research to the test? Reach out to us now. We are a single source for all distribution needs. From brand growth and gating to international product launch, we have all our challenges reined in so we’re ready to take your business to the next level. Reach out today.